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SETARA Project

SETARA Project is an acronym for Child Prison Detention School which aims to improve the soft skills and literacy level of child prisoners in LPKA Bengkulu Province. SETARA Project won the funding competition from YSEALI Seed For the Future, which is a grant funding competition from the United States government for Young Leaders in Southeast Asia.

SETARA Project Logo


Logo SETARA Projectis depicted with Earth, Humans, and Books, and the colors orange and blue dominate. Earth is a shelter for all humans, illustrating that the SETARA Project is a home for everyone regardless of background. Humans are the objects of the SETARA Project which are described as circular which means inclusiveness. Books symbolize knowledge that is always developing, in accordance with the principle of the SETARA Project that science brings benefits to the welfare of mankind. The colors blue and orange describe the character of SETARA Project, namely BLUE represents heaven and earth which are associated with freedom, intuition, breadth, inspiration and sensitivity. Meanwhile ORANGE is a symbol of optimism, sociability, and gives the impression of enthusiasm.